Questions To Ask Your Veterinarian

After taking the time to find a trustworthy veterinarian to care for your dog, be sure that you are asking the right questions during your visits.

1. Is My Pet Up To Date On Vaccinations?

2. What Shampoo Do You Recommend I Use For My Dog?

3. What Food Do You Recommend I Feed My Dog?

4. What Flea And Tick Meds Do You Recommend For My Pet?

5. Is My Pet A Healthy Weight, And Is He Growing At A Normal Pace?

6. Does My Pet Need A Dental Cleaning? What Should I Be Doing At Home To Maintain His Dental Care?

7. Does My Pet Need Any Preventative Care?

8. How Do I Stop My Pet From Engaging In Undesirable Behavior?

9. What Is Pet Insurance, And Does It Work?

10. How Often Do We Need To Come Back?