About Be Dog Smart

Be Dog Smart

Be Dog Smart is a Pet Leadership Council initiative designed to guide consumers through the process of looking for a dog – whether that’s by way of a professional breeder, sold in a pet store, from a friend or family, or adopted from a shelter or rescue.

Responsible pet acquisition starts with education through resources that help consumers make an informed decision, and that is what the Be Dog Smart website is all about. By asking the right questions, researching credible sources and demanding transparency from those who provide companion animals, consumers can rest assured knowing they are taking the right steps towards responsible pet acquisition and ownership.

Creating a Smarter Pet Consumer

Understanding proper care and maintaining compliance with welfare guidelines matters in all environments, from breeders to shelters to retailers, and is the responsibility of those providing pets. It also is the responsibility of consumers to be smart in the way they search for and acquire a new pet.

The Pet Leadership Council has made it a mission to better educate consumers on responsible pet care and acquisition. The decision to acquire a pet is a serious one, and consumers considering adding a pet to their household should be relentless in their evaluation of an animal and of those who cared for it.

Bad actors are not representative of the overall pet community, and it is crucial that we arm consumers with the knowledge to be able to select a dog from a trustworthy, transparent and reputable source. Through this, consumers will build demand for responsible breeders, retailers and shelters.