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I want to adopt a dog.
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Be Dog Smart

Whether you are a new dog owner, in the process of searching for a furry companion or deciding if adding a four-legged friend to your family is right for you, Be Dog Smart is here to help!

Be Dog Smart is a Pet Leadership Council initiative designed to guide you in the process of looking for a dog – whether that’s by way of a professional breeder, sold in a pet store, from a friend or family, or adopted from a shelter or rescue. No matter the source, knowing what to expect, what to ask and what to look for is an important responsibility as a potential dog owner.

Responsible pet acquisition starts with education and the resources to make an informed decision, and that is what Be Dog Smart is all about. By asking the right questions, researching credible sources and demanding transparency from those who provide companion animals, you can rest assured knowing you are taking the right steps to take home your new furry family member.

Let this website serve as a valuable tool as you consider if you’re ready for a dog, want to learn more about your options for acquiring a dog, or just got a dog and are unsure of what to expect next.

Being smart about adding a dog to your household is one of the best decisions you can make for your family and for your new pet.

Be Dog Smart